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Code Craftsmanship Meets Innovative Design

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Code Craftsmanship Meets Innovative Design

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Code Craftsmanship Meets Innovative Design

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Code Craftsmanship Meets Innovative Design

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Custom Solution for Optimizing Real Estate Workflows and Lead Management software

A Case Study on Improving Sales Efficiency and Client Relations

About this project

For this project, PRG Real Estate partnered with Vertikal to develop a customized CRM system designed to streamline the daily operations of their realtors, brokers, and agents across the Southeast and Midwest.

The objective was to create a user-friendly platform that could manage everything from property listings to client interactions and business networking.

Vertikal delivered a Workspace CRM tool that not only made these processes more efficient but also provided PRG with real-time analytics to track sales progress and optimize lead management. This solution has significantly improved operational efficiency and lead follow-up accuracy for PRG Real Estate.

Key Challenges

The main objective was to create a CRM system that allows PRG Real Estate’s team to efficiently manage listings, track house-selling signs, handle leads, network with clients, and design business cards.

The goal was to streamline these processes to improve follow-ups and reporting, ultimately boosting sales effectiveness.

Vertikal developed a customized Workspace CRM tool, integrating key functionalities essential for real estate operations.


  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 2 .Net Developers
  • 1 Dev Ops
  • 1 Product Owner
  • 1 Project Manager


  • Agile Project Management
  • User-Centered Design
  • Scrum Framework
  • DevOps Practices
  • Data Integration and Management
  • System Customization


    • Customized CRM Software
    • Integration System
    • Comprehensive CRM System and Web App
    • Workspace Management Tools
    • Enterprise Sales Analytics and Reporting
    • Technical Support Documentation

      Our Approach

      For the PRG Real Estate CRM project, Vertikal took a hands-on and adaptive approach:

      Understanding Needs: We began by really getting to know PRG’s unique needs through in-depth discussions with their team. This helped us tailor the CRM specifically for their real estate operations.

      Custom Design and Development: Using the insights from our initial talks, we designed and developed a custom CRM that was easy to use yet powerful in functionality. We used Agile methodologies throughout to stay flexible and responsive.

      Integration and Testing: We made sure the new CRM worked seamlessly with PRG’s existing systems by carefully integrating them. Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure everything ran smoothly and efficiently.

      Continuous Support: After launch, we stayed connected to provide ongoing support and make adjustments based on how the CRM was performing in the real world.

      This approach ensured the CRM was not only a perfect fit for PRG but also supported their team as they adapted to the new system.

      The Results

      The collaboration between PRG Real Estate and Vertikal resulted in a highly functional CRM tool that transformed PRG’s operational capabilities.

      This project not only improved the efficiency of PRG’s real estate transactions but also enhanced the overall productivity and effectiveness of their agents.

      The success of this CRM implementation highlights Vertikal’s expertise in creating specialized solutions that meet the specific needs of industry clients.

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