Let’s build the future


Developing your next custom software solution.
Overcome your next challenge and pioneer your next breakthrough.

Working together to build softwares that last for a lifetime.

Building the best custom software solutions starts with our results-oriented approach — working smarter, not harder.

Our passionate team comes together to deliver software solutions that help our clients reach their goals. We work alongside our clients to build exactly what they need to be more successful.

Correct coding and web development technologies

There is a great variety of programming languages that focus on different types of requirements.

Vertikal makes sure to provide the necessary guidance on the correct programming language to use for each project. This is of one of the most important parts of the process since it allows the development of problem solving and task automation systems depending on the user’s needs.

Guaranteed Security and Satisfaction

A user-friendly interface reduces search time by quickly and efficiently satisfying its user needs.

By creating the best interface, Vertikal guarantees satisfaction for your company and your customers.  It increases sales, improves customer devotion and minimizes costs and resources.




Real State




Real State

Creative and personalized software solutions that drive your projects and visions forward

All our software development services include end to end project management, data visualization, cloud hosting capabilities, scalability, best practices and business analytics.


Address any web-related endeavor: customer and employee portals, custom workflows, ecommerce, dynamic reporting, integrations and much more. All powered by a flexible, mobile friendly, secure, and designed to grow web stack.

Js, C#, Php, Python, Java, Angular, Vue, React, Asp.Net, Laravel, ExpressJs.


Through cross-platform development of consumer and productivity apps for iOS and Android, our mobile apps complement web apps while enabling transactions, connecting with customers, and managing systems wherever you are directly from your phone.

iOS, Android, Cross-Platform.


PWA – Progressive Web Apps integrate with Windows, iOS, and third-party apps like QuickBook and Outlook. Expand legacy apps, WinForms, WPF, Swift, and more. Add cloud capabilities to your desktop apps.

C#, .NET, WPF, Java, Swift, C++


Through our design sprints, we work together to map workflows, gather user inputs and create frontend designs that feel right to your users and help them.

Workflow, Design, Architecture, Surveys, UX / UI Mockups.


We make your current systems work together by connecting your software with existing APIs, SDKs, COM interfaces or by developing new APIs and Plugins.

Windows, Linux, iOS, AWS, Azure, APIs.


We provide maintenance for applications we’ve developed — or applications developed by third parties—keeping systems running throughout the years.

Our Tools and Expertise


C#, Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, CSS/SCSS, PHP, SQL, Shell scripts

Dev and Design Tools

Visual Studio Professional, Figma, Lucidchart, Vi, Whimsical


WPF, Reactive, LINQ, ASP.NET, .NET Core, Entity Framework, Struts, Hibernate, Angular, Bootstrap, jQuery, Laravel

Data Formats



SQL Server, RDS, MariaDB, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Operating Systems

Windows, Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, FreeBSD), macOS, Android, iOS


Amazon AWS, Azure, GCP, Vertikal


EC2, S3, RDS, SES, VPC, RDS, Lambda, SNS

CI/CD and Testing

GitLab, Git, .NET Unit Testing, Jasmine

Software development services

Project Management Methodology

At Vertikal we utilize a sophisticated workflow to optimize time management in order to obtain the best results in all the stages of the process.

Utilizando la metodología scrum nos permite distribuir de manera efectiva las tareas para llevar acabo el desarrollo exitoso de tu proyecto.

It makes it possible to visualize the different stages of the development process, allowing to prioritize and analyze each task in order to facilitate decision making in real time.

It allows to securely launch applications

This methodology allows us to use real-time development data for continuous a improvement throughout the process.


Our process and Approach

Incorporación y descubrimiento

Data Collection
Development Timeline creation
Implementation of work methodology
Application’s UX/UI design, Flow map and Diagram
Project adaptation in its respective technologies

Development and Execution

Frontend Development
Backend Development
Teststing and Optimization stage (automatic and manual)
Creation of App Documentation
Launching Stage

Our first-class customer service.

Our commitment to outstanding customer service is what drives us every day. We strive for perfection in everything we do and work diligently to help our customers feel like we’re part of their team.

Onsite Developers
We’re constantly recruiting and expanding our talented pool of developers right here at our home office in El Salvador.

Our first-class customer service.

Vertikal provides a continuous maintenance service for new or previously developed softwares. This allows the software to mantain optimal conditions by repairing unexpected errors found during its use or by adding new functionalities.

Continuous improvements

  • Continuous web development to improve your product.
  • Software and Application compatibility with new devices, browsers, operating systems, etc.
  • Continuous training and support for its users.

Our commitment to  excellent customer service is our every day motivation.  We strive for perfection in everything we do and work diligently to help our clients feel like we’re part of their team.